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Repair Work

Repair Work
At EMDEN DOCKYARD we are particularly specialised in solving all manner of propulsion issues. Repairing or replacing shafts, bearings and propellers is a daily job for our teams. Ships are usually very valuable assets which need special care to keep them functional under all circumstances. This is particularly due to the harsh environment ships are subjected – corrosion and wear are always present. It is just there where EMDEN DOCKYARD’s scope of services begins. Be it a short dry docking visit for a simple scrub and new anti-fouling, an extensive refit of a naval ship, an upgrade of a research ship, a cruise ship or a superyacht, EMDEN DOCKYARD belongs to the finest addresses for providing any kind of services. Our Branches: Naval, Special & Offshore, Commercial and Yacht & Cruise
Before & After
The car carrier Autoexpress, before and after her devastating engine room fire
Collision damage
Despite the extensive damage to the stern of this vessel she was repaired and on her way in time. All damage cut away and replaced, all machinery and deck handling gear refitted or replaced.
Measuring technologies
As a repair dockyard we are, of course, equipped with a number of measuring devices to ensure that the repaired or replaced hull structures are within the tolerances given. Due to the sometimes enormous dimensions of hull structures only 3D optical systems are suitable for this purpose. The tachymeters and theodolites we use at EMDEN DOCKYARD have a typical measuring accuracy of 0.1 to 0.4 mm – over a length of 200m! Using these modern instruments and based on our broad experience we are also able to conduct high-precision alignment jobs with shaft lines and machinery as well as complex lifting tasks with heavy loads.
Flying Squads
Depending on the job and competences needed we can put together a team of certified workers as a rapid response Flying Squad with their own mobile workshop and tools that can be sent to any location in the world.
Logistic support
EMDEN DOCKYARD is in the position to offer manifold services especially for the offshore wind industry as well as for the oil and gas branch. We can provide storage space and infrastructure for handling any kind of goods that have to be shipped to the windparks in the North Sea or transferred back ashore.

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