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Extensive facilities for all kind of reinstatement work

Be it a short docking visit for a simple scrub and new anti-fouling, an extensive refit of a naval ship, a merchant vessel, cruise ship or superyacht or a complete new-build project. In Emden we are prepared to turn any of these enterprises into a successful project.

Dry Docks

Facts and figures

Length: 218.0 m
Width: 30.0 m
Load/Lifting Capacities: No maximum
Depth: 7.5 m

Length: 176.5 m
Width: 27.0 m
Load/Lifting Capacities: abt. 9,000 t
Depth: 6.5 m

Length: 136.2 m
Width: 17.0 m
Load/Lifting Capacities: abt. 4,000 t
Depth: 6.5 m


Crane capacities

Graving Dock

Main hoist at a range:
45t/16t x 1.5m-14m/32m and
32t/10t x 14m-20m/40m

Auxiliary hoist at a range:
5t x 15,5m – 38m and
5t x 14m – 40m

Berth I-III

Main hoist at a range:
35t/22,5t/9t x 10m-27.5m/35m/50m and
20t x 15m-30m

Floating Dock III

Main hoist at a range:
10t/5t/3t x 8m/16m/21m and
10t/5t/3t x 8m/16m/21m

Floating Dock IV

Main hoist at a range:
3t x 6m-15m


EMDEN DOCKYARD offers 1.5 kilometres of non tidal quays for berthing and maintenance work, all within the secure and patrolled perimeter of our fully fenced facility. Berths are supplied with connections for fresh water and power. Cranes are available with lifting capacities up to 45 tons.

Construction Halls

Most of our halls were specifically designed for new building of warships and other special craft. However, the large, modern, fully heated halls at our Emden location are, of course, equally suitable for refits of smaller ships and superyachts.

The site including halls and workshops in which EMDEN DOCKYARD is active covers an area of approximately 100,000 m². Further construction halls and workshops can be made available for specific projects if so required. All the production halls are fitted with gantry cranes and have large sliding doors up to 25 metres high. Hall 25 for instance, although by far not the largest, still measures 118.50 x 22.30 metres with an airspace of 22.50 metres below the gantry cranes that have a maximum lifting capacity of 4 x 60 tons. It has workshops over its full length on both sides and on two levels opening onto the hall on one side. 2,642 m² of clean, modern workspace for any project. Ideal for superyacht refits or military projects demanding controlled conditions and privacy.


As part of our extensive service package EMDEN DOCKYARD also offers warehousing facilities to their clients. Short or long term storage space is available for ships spares and equipment. We also can ship these goods to any location world wide.

Ideally located, our large warehouses with large doors at either end for easy access of forklifts have both direct access to ships on the quay as well as the shore side for shipping over land. All warehouses are within a secure, patrolled dock area and compliant to ISPS Code.

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