Vision "Innovative maritime and technical service provider".
EMDEN DOCKYARD is a compact refit facility with an excellent and modern infrastructure and a highly skilled team of almost 100 workers and project managers with many years of experience. We cover the complete spectrum of naval, commercial, special & offshore, superyachts and cruise ships. Here we carry out refits, rebuilds, repair works and also smaller new builds. Our range of services is complemented by the fabrication of welded structures and the mechanical processing of a wide variety of machine components as contract manufacturers.

Our core team is augmented by a dedicated group of subcontractors with whom we have worked together for many years. This cooperation enables us to cater for any job, anywhere and independent of its size or complexity.

The focus of our activities, however, is on people, both on the side of our customer and on our staff. Their requirements are the most important thing for us. In this we are supported by an integrated health, safety, environmental and quality management system ("HSEQ Management") that we have developed.


• Occupational safety, health promotion and environmental protection are everybody’s concern.
promotes employee awareness of occupational safety, health and environmental protection in a variety of ways. This is based on the recognition that each individual can make important contributions to the continuous improvement of working conditions. With regular employee training and the lively exchange with our partners, we motivate and enable them to participate proactively in the implementation of our goals and improve our performance in occupational health and safety, health promotion and environmental and climate protection.

• For us, Health and safety at work have the highest priority.
EMDEN DOCKYARD explains: Whenever there is a conflict between the required speed of work execution and unsafe or hazardous working conditions, health and safety at work have the highest priority. Our aim is to avoid accidents, work-related illnesses as well as physical and psychological stress at work. With our integrated management system, we sustainably support and promote the individual health and personal competence of every staff member. We empower our employees to work and live in a health- and safety-conscious manner. We integrate employees with impaired abilities by exploiting all entrepreneurial possibilities.

• We promote environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products and production processes.
EMDEN DOCKYARD strives to develop and deliver products and services that meet or even exceed the requirements of our customers. When developing new processes, we pay attention to occupational health and safety, environmental protection and modest resource utilization. The processes are continuously improved in order to protect our employees, partners, customers and neighbours from foreseeable dangers in an ecologically, economically and socially appropriate manner, to minimize environmental impact, to save energy and resources and to preserve the diversity of natural resources.

• We comply with legal obligations and other requirements.
EMDEN DOCKYARD systematically determines the occupational safety and health hazards as well as the environmental and energy-relevant aspects of our activities. These include, in particular, ergonomics, psychological stress, waste and recycling, air, noise, energy, soil, water, nature conservation and biodiversity. In this context, risks are identified and measures taken to avoid disruptions with adverse effects on the health of our employees and our environmental performance. We ensure compliance with legal regulations and other requirements by assuming our individual responsibility and conducting regular audits.

• We strive for improvements and commit ourselves to action.
EMDEN DOCKYARD stands for:

  • Promotion of the health and well-being of our employees and prevention of occupational diseases.
    Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, industry standards for environment and quality, maritime guidelines and requirements related to our work activities.
  • Informing the public through the corporate environmental data reporting.
  • Provide the resources, training and development to ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with our policy.
  • Stop or delay activities that could endanger or injure employees and others, harm the environment or damage the equipment.
  • Involvement of employees in occupational health and safety and environmental protection
  • Gentle use and handling of energy and resources.
  • Compliance with HSEQ guidelines

Our integrated health, safety, environmental and quality management system covers the requirements of the following mandatory and voluntary standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 – Quality Management System
  • DIN EN ISO 14001: 2015 – Environmental Management System
  • DIN ISO 45001: 2018 – Management system for safety and health at work
  • IMO Guidelines – International Maritime Organization – Safe, secure and efficient shipping on clean seas

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