Vision "Innovative maritime and technical service provider".
EMDEN DOCKYARD is a compact refit facility with an excellent and modern infrastructure and a highly skilled team of almost 100 workers and project managers with many years of experience. We cover the complete spectrum of naval, commercial, special & offshore, superyachts and cruise ships. Here we carry out refits, rebuilds, repair works and also smaller new builds. Our range of services is complemented by the fabrication of welded structures and the mechanical processing of a wide variety of machine components as contract manufacturers.

Our core team is augmented by a dedicated group of subcontractors with whom we have worked together for many years. This cooperation enables us to cater for any job, anywhere and independent of its size or complexity.

The focus of our activities, however, is on people, both on the side of our customer and on our staff. Their requirements are the most important thing for us. In this we are supported by an integrated health, safety, environmental and quality management system ("HSEQ Management") that we have developed.


Emden History
Emden is an ancient city whose history can be traced back to around 800 AD when a settlement was established on a small hill on the tidal shores of the River Ems. Already in the 16th century it was an important harbour and shipbuilding would then certainly have been carried out here. At the time Emden was part of Holland which was at war with Spain. The blockade of its other harbours stimulated the growth of Emden and made it the most important harbour in the area. Its importance only diminished when the Ems changed its course and the harbour became unusable in the 18th century.

In 1813 the Prussian army conquered the area and so Emden became a German city although the Dutch influence remained evident in the style of the buildings of the old town which was sadly practically totally destroyed by Allied air raids in 1944 while the dockyard survived practically unscathed.

The construction of the Dortmund-Ems Canal in 1899 connecting Emden with the industrial Ruhr area once more reinstated Emden as one of the major seaports of the area which it remains to this day. In 1901 dredging began of the River Ems to ensure passage of large ships at any state of the tide and in 1902 the outer harbour of Emden, a deepwater harbour basin built behind dikes and locks and so unaffected by tidal influences, was opened by the German Kaiser. This paved the way to the founding of the Nordseewerke Shipyard in 1903.

Emden presently has 51,600 inhabitants.


Emden Shipyard History

Founding of the yard. Nordseewerke

Takeover by Rheinstahl-Konzern.
New name: Rheinstahl Nordseewerke GmbH

Rheinstahlkonzern amalgamated with the Thyssen-Konzern.
New name: Thyssen NordseewerkeGmbH.

Renaming of the group after the merger between Thyssen-Konzern and Krupp-Hoesch-Konzern.
New name: Nordseewerke GmbH

Merger between Nordseewerke GmbH and Blohm & Voss Naval.
New name: TKMS Blohm & Voss Nordseewerke GmbH

Sale of the production facility Nordseewerke to SIAG Schaaf Industrie AG and continuation of the ship repair division under the ownership of Thyssen Krupp.
New name: Emder Werft und Dockbetriebe GmbH

Acquisition of the ship repair activities of the Emder Werft und Dockbetriebe GmbH by Seafort Advisors Hamburg.
New name: Emder Werft und Dock GmbH, household name: EMDEN DOCKYARD.

Acquisition of Nordseewerke GmbH by Beaufort Capital, Hamburg and so in theory uniting all divisions of the original 1903 company once more. The management of the two companies will remain independent but they will share facilities, resources and know-how on all major projects.
New name: Nordseewerke Emden Shipyard.

2016 and onwards
The combined forces of EMDEN DOCKYARD and Nordseewerke Emden Shipyard have once more created a flexible and powerful new player in the new-build and refit market. A new player in name only though as it is solidly based on an experienced workforce and management team with the accummulated knowlegde of more than 110 years of shipbuilding and refitting in this very same location.

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