Preserving maritime heritage

EMDEN DOCKYARD is a compact refit facility with an excellent and modern infra-structure and a highly skilled team of more than 70 workers and project managers with many years of experience. We cover the complete spectrum of Naval, Commercial, Special & Offshore, Superyacht and Cruise Ship refits, rebuilds and new builds.

Our core team is complimented by a small and dedicated group of sub-contractors with whom we have worked together for many years enabling us to cater for any job, anywhere and independent of its size or complexity.

Preserving maritime heritage

The sailing Herring Logger AE 87, now called Nortun, was the third ship built by Nordseewerke in the year 1905. During her long life this historic vessel had been rebuilt and modernised several times until finally she was hardly recognisable in her guise as a small freighter with a large deckhouse and engine. Naturally when the decision was made to totally restore her back to her original specifications EMDEN DOCKYARD was chosen to carry out this important task and the result has been widely acclaimed as an historically authentic restoration of high quality that has preserved a unique vessel for generations to come.


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